Points of Light

The Science of Terror

Having successfully survived their first adventure, our heroes remained in Sorantrum for several days licking wounds, spending their gold, and attempting to connect with their betters. Eventually, an Elven woman by the name of Thanalia approached them, having heard of them as some of the more capable sort, who were also not yet in a place to charge outside of her budget, from their Loreseeker’s expedition leader, Thomas. She asked our still green party if they were willing to accept her offer of 20 platinum a piece to help her track down a colleague and bring him in, preferably alive but not necessary. Considering that her offer was also meant for their one-time companion Vandis, the group readily agreed and split his share amongst themselves.

Wishing to make a good of time as possible, Thanalia led our heroes through a seldom-used path through the mountains that went straight to Mae’eveel, instead of detouring through Galin Brok. It took 9 days, but the smaller path seemed to be a safer choice since they managed to avoid te attention of any raiding parties. A half day’s travel south of Mae’eveel, Thanalia led the party into the dense woods and, eventually, to a large stone building hidden into the grove. This, she claimed was her colleague’s hideout.

Dririxen's Tomb
The first journey

In the free-spirited city-state of Sorantrum, we first fine out heroes drawn to an open call from the Loreseeker’s Guild. Always offering good pay for often dangerous work, the Loreseeker’s frequently make use of the bold, fortune-hungry, and desperate. In this case, our heroes were to follow Researcher Thomas Halden into the Gulvi Desert in order to locate the tomb of an ancient Gnome arcanist and researcher.


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